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Best Motorcycle Apps


The motorcycle app market has come a long way in the last few years, so we can now do much more than just a route. There are apps that help you find and share highways, little-known trails and even trails, monitor weather in real time, attach videos to your routes, deal with medical emergencies and even keep a trace of your expenses.

We have a look at some of the best apps available for the bike, whether you like the road or the beaten track. For your bike make sure you have the best phone support to protect your smartphone and avoid any risk of falling that will make life difficult in a flash.



EatSleepRide: One of the most complete (and fun to use!) Apps on the market, EatSleepRide helps you save and discover great routes, track riding data and connect with other runners. You can track your speed, distance, height and tilt angle on each lap. Use direct tracking to share your journey in real time. ESR also allows you to set up private biker groups and connect with other users in your area. Publish stories, places, photos, comments and routes in the ESR news feed and share them on your social networks. The new ranking feature allows you to view your seat with other bikers, compete for exceptional prizes. More recently, ESR hosted the Twisted Throttle Legend Gear challenge. The price includes a Tailbag LR1 / Backpack and a LA3 Smartphone bag from the new legendary SW-MOTECH train line.

Cost: Free


Cost: Free.

This motorcycle app lets you discover new places to ride and share them around you. You can share the rides you have created, and broadcast your position to other bikers. You can also view descriptions of your ballads, photos and comments with others. Dreamer serves as a trip planner and GPS, allowing you to follow your rides at any time.

A premium dreamer subscription includes a Butler Card feature, highlighting the best roads in the country directly to your mobile device, even when you’re offline.


Best bike routes

This user-generated application allows you to search for the best routes near you and anywhere in the world. You can download the GPX files of each route, to load on a GPS device. Even recommend what you prefer? Ability to import a route and share comments, photos and even videos. The app currently has thousands of photos and videos available, and full of adventures to discover!

Cost: $ 3.99.

Weather Apps.

Motorcycle Weather App

Cost: Free.

It does not please everyone to meet bad weather on the road. Either way, the Motorcycle Weather Motorcycle app offers an easy way to decide if you’re taking the car or the bike. Set your preferences in terms of climate, rain and wind, and the app will validate the forecast present in your favorite settings. You can also get detailed hourly forecasts as well as localized weather warnings.


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Cost: Free

Check the weather at the foot of the Himalayas, or check what’s going on in your garden! WeatherBug has access to the largest network of weather stations in the world, with more than 2.6 million sites worldwide. It delivers real-time forecasts quickly and accurately. When bad weather comes up, the app alerts you immediately. If you start hiking in the mountains you will appreciate the Spark function that warns you in case of storm It also incorporates a highly detailed interactive map, with more Doppler radar, which indicates: lightning, wind, temperature, pressure and humidity.



Crashlight app from EatSleepRide

This feature available for purchase on Eatsleepride uses the accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS of your smartphone to detect an accident. If an incident is detected, this technology will notify the specified contacts of your exact location and all emergency information. A 3 minute timer gives you a chance to cancel notifications if necessary; otherwise, when the timer reaches zero, the app will prevent up to three contacts via SMS, voicemail and email. This app will be very useful for your safety and to reassure your loved ones.

Price: $ 7.99 / year.


Emergency First Aid & Treatment Guide: If you should find yourself off the beaten track and away from civilization, applying the First Aid & Emergency Guide could save you and your mates from an unfortunate situation. No signal, no problem – the local guide works on your phone, giving you a quick reference to handle all kinds of medical emergencies. It provides step-by-step videos and guides showing a range of medical procedures to treat conditions such as heat stroke, back and neck injuries, animal bites and bites, frostbite, etc.

Cost: $ 1.99

Tracking trip …

MotoEye screenshotMotoEye

This motorcycle application primarily integrates a track tracker, MotoEye has some additional irresistible features, including turn-by-turn navigation, import / export GPX, which will incorporate weather forecasts and your course stats. You can also record videos and take geotagged photos along the way that will be recorded in your activity log. This diary can then be shared on all your social networks

Cost: Free.

Road Trip

Trip tracking does not just mean following a route. Having a route that will save you fuel can be extremely useful too! Road Trip keeps track of your fuel consumption, maintenance history and easy repairs. Regular maintenance will save you expensive repairs in the long run.

Cost: $ 6.99.

Diablo Super Biker

This motorcycle application tracks your journeys on the road or even on the track with impressive precision with a whole range of details. It records your driving time or track lap, it also detects your tilt angles, altitude, weather conditions, your maximum acceleration …

With an easy-to-understand graph for you to view the telemetry data synchronized with your roadmap; you can even choose between road map and satellite map views. You can create a user profile, and share your sessions with friends via social networking features.

Cost: Free.


Apps for camping …

Camp and RV screenshotCamp & RV

An excellent motorcycle app for a weekend getaway or cross-country ski tour, the Camp & RV app allows you to check the availability of thousands of campsites in the United States and Canada. A long list of filters will help you find the equipment, prices and location you are looking for. Once you have found your dream campsite, you can book a seat directly on the app.

The application saves your data on your phone via your GPS. All your data will be available also offline. It is therefore usable even in remote areas.

Cost: $ 9.99.

Star Walk

Once installed in your dream campsite, take a moment to admire the stars with star walk. Star Walk displays the names of the stars and planets above you. Detailed information on the history and mythology of different constellations, stars and planets. When you move your phone, the map of the app updates in real time. With Star Walk, you will never be short of stories to tell around the campfire.

Cost: $ 2.99.

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