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Finding the best GPS for your bike can quickly become complicated especially when you have no idea what to expect. The first thing to do is first to evaluate what are your own needs first and then to make your choice to determine the best motorcycle GPS.

A GPS motorcycle is much more expensive than a car GPS (between 200 € to 800 €) so if this research is made for a use that is not regular, it is better still to get a motorcycle support for his smartphone rather than investing in expensive, rugged hardware dedicated exclusively to the Global Positioning System.

The Moto GPS compared here have all been certified by the IPX7 waterproof standard which allows them to be submerged under a depth of 1m of water.

They also allow use with gloves and have an anti-reflective screen.

Garmin Zumo 595LM

This GPS motorcycle is the most powerful motorcycle GPS existing at the moment, although it is not perfect, it will satisfy the majority of users, there are still some weak points:

Some users have been able to use it for a year, so the life expectancy on difficult climate conditions may be low (if you live in a rainy region for example)

The base camp software that allows you to plan your trips via your computer is unfortunately not very user-friendly and will not necessarily suit you if you do not master the new technologies.

Good points:

Screen 12,7cm
Orientation in both directions
Equipped with bluetooth technology to connect to your phone or a headset
Real time traffic info
Control of music via its gps screen
Resistant to water and weather
Option adventure course (winding roads)
Negative points:

In intense conditions the service life may be short
SD card not included
Base Camp software is not user friendly
Final score: 4/5
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Garmin Zumo 395 lm

Screen 10.9cm
45 European countries included
Tire pressure indicator
Hands free phone via bluetooth
International cards available for life
Option: Adventure course (winding roads)
Final score: 3/5
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BMW Motorrad Navigator Navigator V


This motorcycle GPS specially designed and optimized for BMW motorcycles is equipped with the same processor as the Garmin Zumo 595 LM, except that on it the screen is larger and more rectangular design.

It will only be suitable for owners of BMW because it connects to their computer edge,


the price remains very high when we know that we can have the official version of Garmin Zumo that fits all motorcycle models for a lower price.

Good points

Screen: 12.7cm, anti-reflective
Portrait or landscape rotation
up to 64GB of memory
Bluetooth connection
Update cards for life
Negative points

For owners of Bmw
Very high price
Final score: 3/5
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TomTom GPS Moto RIDER 400

Screen: 11cm

This GPS Moto, filled with the basic functions requested to a GPS, function sensational course designed specifically for motorcycles will make you rediscover some places with a new eye.


The internal GPS system is still slow compared to use via a smartphone, here again we have to make bugs from time to time, and gas stations are not indicated which can be embarrassing during his journey. As for the accounting with the smartphone, it is unfortunately not extraordinary, it will be necessary to do without.

Good points:

Constant update
Option: Winding Roads
Free real-time traffic
45 European countries included
Negative points:

Internal slow GPS system
Bugs and frequent errors
Bad smartphone compatibility
Non-existent service
Final score 3/5
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TomTom Vio


Entry-level GPS Tom Tom, it will suit those who need a limited device in term of use and was created primarily for scooters but can also work on motorcycles in urban environments, it gives access to classic bases of a GPS device.

For its price we can not of course ask for the moon but he will do his job.


It should be noted that the GPS does not work by itself unfortunately it will have to be connected to a smartphone, which can be embarrassing if you need to save the battery of his phone. The system is slow, so you can skip a road before the system has indicated it. The stability of the support provided is to be reviewed. And finally the device is frequently disconnected from the bluetooth system.

Good points:

Constant update
Simple and quick to attach

Negative points:

No radar detection
Instructions for use only on the Internet
Poor quality of materials
Repetitive system bug
Unstable motorcycle stand
Non-existent service
Can not use with his gloves
no motorcycle route optimization
Low battery life
Inadmissible bluetooth system deconections
Requires a smartphone
Final score: 1/5
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