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The Best Motorcycle Iphone mount

Why choose a phone support dedicated to his Iphone?
Why a motorcycle iPhone mount?

Motorcycle iPhone support Why choose a phone support dedicated to your iPhone ? Why a motorcycle iPhone support? Iphone owners know that an iPhone is not a smartphone, it’s an “IPhone“. When we chose Iphone, it’s also because we chose all that it represents. That is to say a unique company created by one of the most influential people of our time “Steve Jobs” who dedicated his life to Apple and to the search for technological, marketing and aesthetic innovation. So we have to spend more than others because we also want the best service and the best quality, and when we choose a motorbike iPhone, it’s normal to expect the same. Today there are an inconsiderable number of motorcycle supports that you can find for your smartphone, but when it comes to finding something specific for your iPhone, the choice is considerably reduced. There are many universal mounts available, but what about those dedicated to iPhones only?

But what could the use of a motorbike iPhone mount bring?

Well it’s not complicated, a motorbike iPhone support that would use exactly the same principles that Steve Jobs told us (not to be taken at face value, I’m also a big fan of the man) that is to say a higher quality than other supports, a better protection and a better design.A motorcycle iPhone support that would clearly stand out from the others and that would be totally in line with the Iphone spirit, and when you have an iPhone at the price, you’re much more meticulous about the accessories you choose. We also want a motorbike iPhone holder that is able to protect better in case of a fall or more comfortable than others, for short, a premium or even platinum motorbike iPhone holder if you can afford it.

Apple in search of distinction…

As we said before, the choice of an ‘iphone is also the choice to be part of the privileged, those who have paid to obtain a unique distinction. We want something that is different from the majority of common people. To be able to express its pioneering and elegant side, it must therefore be the same for the motorcycle iPhone support.


Quality, the only watchword…

By choosing Iphone, we want quality everywhere and even in our accessories so once again for our iPhone motorcycle mount.

In Conclusion

We have had the opportunity to test many supports, all more original than the others, but generally the least extravagant supports are also often the most efficient. What’s the point of having an ultra-design and fun holder if it doesn’t meet the basic requirements for the main reasons for acquiring a holder, i.e.: robustness, good fixing, phone protection and simple and easy use.

So how do I find the best motorcycle mount for my iPhone?

If you’re looking for a universal mount (I doubt it’s the case) but you can also have a look at our previous article, we had made a list of the best motorcycle and scooter mounts in 2018, now for a unique mount for your iPhone here’s something you might like:



The Smart-Moto “BODYARMOR” support from Road clique

One of the best mount for iPhone at the moment. We voted it number 1 for iPhones and number 2 in our overall ranking, precisely because it was not compatible with other phones. There are currently very few supports adapted only for iPhones, so if your goal is to find THE IPHONE MOUNT, it will certainly be the best mount for the situation.

This iPhone motorcycle mount offers one of the strongest protections on the market today, hence its name “body-armor” which means armor in English. It comes with a double protection system, one inside with a silicone layer that stabilizes and protects your precious baby and one outside that protects you from bad weather or unforeseen shocks to guarantee you maximum safety.

There is even an emergency clip to add an extra safety element. Of course the shell has been specially produced for optimal use of your touch screen at all times, so you won’t need to take it out of the shell at any time.

The attachment is solid and made of metal with a system that attaches to the side bar, non-slip and anti-vibration rubber that combines the stability of the support with the possibility of using your phone without shaking our general classification, this support had only one negative point is that it is only suitable for iPhones, if you own an Iphone it is not one of them.

Here’s a small summary of our positive and negative points:

Positive points

Armor-quality fixing for your smartphones

Slip/vibration-proof system

360 degree rotation


Negative points

Only for iPhones

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