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3 Best Motorcycle trackers


Best Moto GPS plotter of the net
Like the car, the bike is a vehicle with high financial value. No biker would like a day in the morning waking up to realize that his bike has disappeared. The best solution to avoid this is the acquisition of a GPS plotter, it is better to invest in this small device rather than take the slightest risk, especially when you have a beautiful bike …

The GPS tracker, also known as tracker, geotraceur, or even stool, is a small transmitter that will locate your bike in real time. Thanks to its GPS chip, it sends a precise location to within 5 meters. It usually works with a SIM card that sends geographical coordinates via SMS. The device can also send an alert in case of movement.

Choose your Gps Moto plotter
Before any purchase, one of the essential points is how to select your tracer …

A GPS plotter first needs the best possible sensitivity, this will capture any signal. The sensitivity of a tracer is usually expressed in dbm.

The battery life of your chartplotter is also very important depending on the use you make of it, will you be able to recharge it frequently or do you prefer something that can take a long time without the worry of having to recharge?

The size of the device is to take into account also given the location on your bike that you have, the models presented here are all compatible with motorcycle but some motorcycle models may have smaller locations so it will take that also counts.

Of course you have to make sure that your tracer is waterproof.

App for Moto GPS Tracker
If no application is provided with your system, the Trackometer app, which is considered to be the best gps plotter app, will allow you to track the movements of your chartplotter in real time.


Here is a selection of the best tracers available on the Internet.

1.Incutex TK106
motorcycle tracker


Dimensions: 120mm x 64mm x 48mm

Weight: 444g

This tracer can be used for several months without having to recharge it thanks to a battery of 20.000mah.

If the tracer is tampered with an alarm is automatically triggered to protect you from any bad intention on your motorcycle plotter, you will immediately receive a warning message.

It works with a sim card you can get a sim card for 2 €.

On simple call he will send you an SMS with a link google map of the exact position where is your bike. You can also add a USB plug to keep it in charge.

If the battery is low you will receive an SMS immediately.


If, like some disappointed users, you receive a plotter with a faulty battery that does not take much time, do not hesitate to send back your plotter, Amazon has a fairly strict policy towards sellers who do not respect the essential conditions of satisfaction of customers.

Good points:

Long autonomy
Battery alert
Anti loss or manipulation system
Negative points:

Some plotters received defective
Heavier and bigger than others
Final score: 4/5

2.TKSTAR Mini Tracer Device
motorcycle tracker


Dimensions: 5.3cm x 5.1cm

Weight: 44g

This plotter is the smallest plotter comparator it will satisfy those who wish to have something small for their bike.

It has a USB connector that will allow you to connect anywhere.

The provider even provided an application that provides your real-time information directly from your smartphone

It has an autonomy of 4 days in standby mode.

Good points:

Small size
Little price
Negative points:

Low autonomy
Final score: 3/5

3.GPS Incutex TK104
motorcycle tracker


Dimensions: 64mm x 46mm x 17mm

Weight: 48g


This GPS plotter allows you to have a location in real time. If you want to get the coordinates of it, you just have to make a simple call.

You can also use it for your bike or for another vehicle.

If you have any concerns you can track or remote settings to make sure everything is fine.

2 Batteries and a charger will be provided.


despite the advantage of a more competitive price than the others, the battery is not very long and the equipment of less reliable than the others.


Good points:

Relay control
Competitive rate
Negative points:

Micro and standby bugs
Not waterproof
Low battery
Final score: 2/5


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