Top 5 – Best Motorcycle Phone Mount

Top 5 – Best Motorcycle Phone Mount

In motorcycle rallies you really see everything… Some even attach their phone with velcro on their handlebars. One wonders how many phones fall in the middle of the highway when the poor guy’s phone is loose.

Chances are that your phone is worth around $200-$750 so it’s better to invest a minimum to avoid having to buy a new one after each motorcycle ride.

This article will give you the best recommendations from the internet before buying a motorcycle phone mount. You usually use your smartphone on a motorcycle to replace a GPS. But with some motorcycle kits like the Sena SMH5D-02 you can also make calls or listen to music. Whatever you decide to do, be careful…

Sending messages when you ride a motorcycle is a bad idea. Set up your phone before your ride and stop if you need to. The first thing to do before you find the perfect motorcycle mount is to measure the exact size of your phone. Do you use a shell?

There are universal cases designed for motorcycles that will also fit your shell. Then determine where you want to fix it, 80% of the holders are designed to be fixed on the top of the handlebars, however you will have to be careful about the sun rays during hot weather, which can affect the temperature of the phone if you choose a low end case and holder. There are also armband type supports to attach your phone directly to your forearm, it’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best…

Here’s a selection from our  blog that will give you a ranking of the best we could find on the market right now in terms of smartphone supports,

Enjoy your reading!



Sidebar type brackets

1.Motorcycle phone mount Smart-Moto “Waterproof” from Road Clique $39,95  (Currently $19,95  Sale!)



This motorcycle phone mount is the first version of the popular Smart-Moto “Waterproof”, which we voted hands down first in this ranking because it is an efficient support, which combines the essential characteristics of a good support and does not add any superficiality at a more than reasonable price.First of all, it has a solid and stable fixing, which is attached to the side bar of your motorcycle, thanks to a rubber system called ABS, the support does not slip and does not vibrate.This mount is waterproof, so even in case of torrential rain NO worries! Finally it is a universal mount, so it fits all smartphones which is unfortunately not the case for all models of mounts.With 4 models of covers, it is the support that offers the best compatibility in terms of cover.You’ll have a cover well adapted to the proportion of your smartphone and can therefore avoid the unpleasant surprise of a badly cut support that prevents you from using the touch screen of your smartphone.We also appreciated the fact that the price remains competitive especially if you take advantage of the current promotion, so we have with this support a very good value for money.However, the only downside is that the sun visor is not included.


Positive points

  • 360 degree rotation
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Water resistant
  • Stable support
  • On-screen touch input

Negative points

  • No sun visor

2.Support Smart-Moto “BODY ARMOR” from Road Clique $49,95  (Currently $24,95  Sale!)

This motorcycle phone mount could have been placed at the head of the pack but the fact that it is only usable by Iphone owners prevents us from placing it at the head of the pack.This holder is suitable for those who are looking for a solid protection because as its name indicates (armor in English) it has been designed as such with a reinforced protection on the outside and a second silicone protection on the inside to guarantee maximum security for your phone.Your smartphone will be completely protected and even if it should fall out, an emergency clip ensures its safety. On top of that this holder is waterproof so no matter what the weather conditions are, you won’t get bogged down.This support also allows you to use your touch screen at any time without having to detach your smartphone.As for the fixing, it is solid, with a system that attaches to your side bar in non-slip and anti-vibration rubber that ensures both the stability of the support and comfort to be able to look at your phone screen without shaking.The only downside is of course that it is only usable by Iphone owners.

Positive points

  • Quality fixing
  • real armor for your smartphone
  • anti-skid/anti-vibration system
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Waterproof

Negative points

  • Only for iPhones


3.Support Smart-Moto “Waterproof 2.0” from Road Clique $44,95 (Currently $22,95 in Sale!)


This is the new version of the Smart-Moto “Waterproof” motorcycle phone mount from Road Clique, now with additional options, it also has the essential features of a support and comfortably protects your smartphone.

The mounting has now evolved and has been reinforced with the addition of a metal part to ensure a better fit on your handlebars.

This mount also attaches to the side bar of your motorcycle, but today it is adaptable to a handlebar diameter ranging from 17mm to 30mm as opposed to the old version which was 25mm to 30mm, which will delight the majority of our motorcycles which do not all have the same handlebar diameter.

A good stability during the ride has been kept, and it will fit most smartphones.

From now on, a passage for your smartphone’s connectors has been incorporated into the underside of the bracket, so you can finally plug in your charger or other… there is also now the possibility to store various accessories in your bracket thanks to storage pockets integrated into the interior.

However, we regret that size S is no longer offered on this version, so owners of small smartphones will not be able to use it and will be forced to fall back on the old model.

The sun visor has still not been integrated either.

Positive points

  • Reinforced fastening
  • Passage for connectors
  • Inside pockets
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Water resistant
  • Stable support
  • On-screen touch input

Negative points

  • No sun visor
  • No size S


4.GIVI S957B universal smartphone holder $49.00


A simple and reliable motorcycle phone mount with integrated sunshade. This motorcycle phone holder is suitable for medium to large smartphones. It remains simple and effective and combines the essential elements of a good support, i.e. protection for the phone and is equipped with a good fixing.

The possibility of being able to rotate the phone on a 360 degree fixation is also present, as well as a strap that allows you to hold your smartphone well.

Unfortunately only one size of cover is available, so it will not fit everyone.

The only downside is that using the touchscreen may require taking the phone out of the case, the sensitivity is ok but the accuracy is rather average. On the whole it remains a good motorcycle phone mount especially if you are constantly in the sun, thanks to the integrated sun visor.


Dimensions: 81×160
Plastic dimension: 69×151

Positive points:

  • Fixing strap included
  • Adjustable to 360 degrees
  • Sun visor included

Negative points:

  • Only one cover model
  • non-optimal tactile accuracy


5.Support Moto Quad Lock $49.90

Small, light and practical, the Quad Lock motorcycle phone mount is an original stand, developed by an Australian company who saw his first project raise funds on kickstarter, it is sure that this stand is an original idea and benefits from a very good marketing.

In terms of use, it is practical because you can easily attach and detach your smartphone from the bracket. The handlebar mount seems solid and well thought out. However, count an extra 30 euros to get the unique Quad Lock shell for your phone that fits your mounting. And if you damage it, the money spent can quickly add up.

The price of the holder is high when you know that all the essential features of a good holder are not even found here, if it starts raining you will immediately have to detach and store your smartphone so unusable in wet weather. No sun visor or protective cover when the weather is very sunny, so you can use it, but you risk overheating your smartphone.

Finally, although the idea is original, this support is currently only available for Android, if you have an iPhone, you’ll have to look for another alternative. Moreover, in case of fall or shock to your smartphone, no protection is provided.

In summary this support remains an original idea and still practical however, the essential points are not all present and apart from its originality there are still many drawbacks.

Positive points:

  • The phone is easy to attach and detach.
  • solid fixation
  • Light
  • Original

Negative points:

  • Leaky
  • Does not protect the smartphone in the event of a fall.
  • No sun visor
  • High rate
  • Fits only on Quad Lock hulls
  • Only for Android
  • No 360 degree rotation




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